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My friend locked me in chastity and I thought I would never cum again, but she taught me how to stimulate my prostate. It's actually so much better than jerking off.
i enjoy when rhe gals let dem boys in day holes
Congrats for making a video that's better than 99% of people here that do it as their job. Porn industry has the low quality videos ever...fake orgasms and anorgasmic people pretending to feel pleasure.
hot, only been able to produce pre cum using e stim, but that (orgasm) is my goal!
At around the 6:30 she made me have a spontaneous orgasm just with the sound she made, had to get an extra towel -giggles- (Ariel is just sooo pretty and sooo cuuuuuteeeeee that I already get wet just by looking at her, that sweet smile and that gorgeous body and then hearing her moans such a sweet sweet sound)
Not bad
Im trying to find a girl thats into pegging its so hard i bet it feels so good if a girl like you done it to me
Dude I need this in my life!
damn bb. you are so hot
I remember when I fuked a White girl in the library like her... Good times
I want to clean ur feet and eat ur ass n cock
Such a lucky boy, and such a good job he did holding that phone steady while you played with him!! Thanks for sharing, I'm envious of both of you ;-) ...P.S. You look delicious with your mask making your eyes so mysterious!
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